Grafika Web Digital is a company with more than 10 years of experience designing sites web, marketing and advertising, we are a group of experts in development of business and digitalization of companies, we aim to achieve the results business raised and respond to the needs of each of our customers, we have professional experiences in the educational, industrial, professional sector of health, architects, engineers, construction companies, entrepreneurs and many other social and economic sectors.


We carry out digital marketing campaigns, business development digital and we provide solutions and technological tools to increase the reach of people that your brand reaches, by hire us you have the possibility of:

  • Concentrate efforts on your own activity.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Increase your database.
  • You will have access to a group of highly qualified professionals.


We have effective web sites designs, designed in highlight your brand and product, we handle WordPress, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Ecommerce, Prestashop and many other platforms design of web sites and virtual stores, as well tools of data storage and web optimization.


We carry out effective SEO and SEM campaigns, we manage to ranking web sites in search engines like Google naturally and for payment, to guarantee our clients effective leads, since we deliver your message to the right person at the right time, achieving a very important business strengthening for your organization.


We offer professional web administration services for your company; if you handle Wordpress, Woocommerce, Joomla, Magento, virtual stores or any other platform, we will make sure about:

  • Manage information based on the needs of company update.
  • Add or remove textual information such as news and comments, in addition to multimedia information such as images, photos, Word, Excel or PDF digital files.
  • Add new sections or pages, menus with their respective information.
  • Create backups of the website periodically, so that in case In some event, you can use them and retrieve the information.
  • Provide damage support, visits and operation statistics of the site use.


Creation, administration and structuring of marketing campaigns in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Waze, between others, with the aim of increasing the reach of your messages through of image ads and in which we achieve a better number of visits, interactions and followers of your brand.


Your company can count on all our support, if you have any doubt, idea or suggestions, all our professionals are attentive to provide the best advice for your company or venture, going the right way, we will make sure you are your digital ally.


  • HOSTING: we offer hosting service for all your websites with Unlimited storage and 24/7 support.
  • DOMINIO: Find the best web domain name for your company or entrepreneurship.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Design, implementation and sending mass mailing to databases supplied by Grafika or the customer.
  • SSL CERTIFICATE: Your website will be protected and secure according to the International standards, we make sure that the information you send or you receive through the website is private.
  • CORPORATE MAILS: We offer corporate email accounts from 1GB.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Create, develop and digitize topics congruent with your audience and business objective.



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